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IV Solutions & Accessories

A unique line of medical devices that are designed specifically for veterinarian use

Pet Recovery IV Solution Sets

  • IV pump compatible

  • Memory tubing resists kinking

  • 106" in length, therefore eliminates the need for extension sets

  • Three injection ports allows for both fast and safe administration of medications

  • Multi-adaptor with both luer lock and luer slip

Available in both 10 and 60 drops per ml and a 30 "extension set with one injection port.


Injection Plug

Injection plug featuring a luer lock connector to easily create an injection port for catheters and IV lines.

Available individually or in a box of 50


IV Microbore T-Connector Extension Set Complete with Injection Plug

  • Safely manages catheters for hospitalized patients

  • Disconnecting the patient from the IV set is cleaner & easier

  • Slide clamp provides occlusion

  • 12.7 cm (5") in length

  • Injection port located at the catheter for administering emergency medications

  • Priming volume is approximately 0.3 ml


Sold Exclusively through Licensed Veterinarians


Any questions? We can help!

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