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Our Story

ProConcepts is a Canadian owned and operated company. Founded in 2007 in Mississauga, ON, we have supported the Veterinary community exclusively ever since. As a Canadian company, we offer a unique element to the Animal Health Industry. Our products are locally sourced, manufactured, and available only in the Canadian Veterinary market. In 2021, we became a division of Can-Vet Animal Health Supplies Ltd, a Canadian company based out of Guelph ON, securing our future and our deep Canadian roots for years to come.


Can-Vet Animal Health was founded in 1988 and remains a family-owned manufacturing and distribution company servicing many markets in animal health. Our longevity is rooted in our commitment to taking care of our employees, providing high quality products for the veterinary community, allowing veterinarians to practice the best possible medicine, and saving animal lives.

At ProConcepts, we strive to develop superior products helping veterinary medicine be available to all at fair prices. Research is at the base of our comprehensive process: we choose effective, premium ingredients based on veterinary-backed science, and testing. We implement only quality ingredients specifically sourced and formulated to provide exceptional health benefits.  Our extensive quality program coupled with an efficient manufacturing system allows us to bring a full range of Animal Health Products to the Canadian Veterinary market.

We are proud of our rich history, and we could not and will not be able to do what we love without the support of the entire veterinary community. To those across Canada who have been proudly supporting ProConcepts over the last 15 years, thank you!

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